Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

General rules


 Don't cheat on Gainbux on Login page or Ads page or registeration page


No spam or bot is accepted and if we found this from you we will close your account and your IP


You must respect other users in all of these areas under the penalty of being banned from them if you don't.


Gainbux is not responsible at all for any loses of your investmnets with us and be sure %100 that it's your choice


 We do not allow any system that user can use it to click advertisements automaticly 


As member or visitor on Gainbux you are not allowed at all to browse pages you are not authorized to see it like Databases , PHP codes , We will close all your accounts and Your IP will not be able to access any Gainbux pages again , And we know how to find those users


 If you don't open your account for 30 days your account will be on hold


 No bad words is accepted on Customer support page , We will close your account if we noticed bad words or disrecpect


1.10. We send your earnings in the end of the month and it must be in your account rented referrals to receive your earnings





Privacy policy



As one of our priority that we protect our user's privacy


 User's details like Email or Phone number or any other info it will not be shared ( Our user's info is secured )


Refund policy



Our users can refund their money back to their account only if they add funds and still not use it 


 We do not refund money back if you already rented referrals or upgraded your membership or purchased any other services on Gainbux


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